Gentle Wings Triptych

Gentle Wings Triptych – SOLD!

{Buy all 3 individual pieces as a Triptych and save!}

Gentle winged creatures invite us into their simple, quiet lives in these wabi-sabi inspired artworks.

Looking at these pieces is like taking a walk along a wooded trail. Scientific research has proven that nature has a calming effect to our inner being, and calm is what these three art collages bring to any room they would hang in.

A mix of vintage papers, imported paper, and even novel pages from the 1890s join with linen fabric to weave a relaxing neutral visual landscape. that includes natural elements. Deep texture is achieved with the addition of twigs and by building up the background in the same color as the 140 lb. cold press paper base.

I enjoyed the process of creating these companion pieces; peace was in my heart, and all who have seen these three works comment on how calm and peaceful they are. I hope peace fills your home as these pictures hang on your wall (signed and numbered on the front).

You can see more images of “Papillon” here:

You can see more images of “Aviary” here:

You can see more images of “Tonbo” here:


My faith permeates my life and finds its way into my art through symbols, colors, words, and objects