…the artist side of me:

I’m so glad to meet you!I hope you enjoy your visit – my living room is the best place to sit and have a cup of coffee and a chat…

You might like to know a little bit about me before we get into deeper conversation:

I am a woman, wife, mother,and grandmother(!). As a counselor as well, I have a calling to work with people who have lived through traumatic events. I have always loved art, and through using art therapy with some of my trauma survivor clients, I reconnected with the value of art in the counseling arena and more so, I reconnected with the importance of art to the total well being of each of our souls.

You might also like to know that I absolutely LOVE to make a work of beauty, a piece of art that speaks a unified message through of the many smaller stories (pieces) that make up the whole. Every media I work in has that same concept. That is what I do as a counselor as well – I help others find the message of who they are through piecing together the fragments of their life!

An expression of worship, a piece that reveals a deep eternal truth, or a piece that simply leads the viewer into a deeper discovery of their own spirituality or the relationship God wishes to have with them – these are what you might discover in my original works.

The worship and deeper truths often are a result of the Spirit’s continuing work in the heart of the artist, and the pieces reflect this!

Healing hearts and helping others is a “both/and” experience, not a “first then second” as our logical minds may want to dictate!  My deeper healing has occurred in the same areas as my “first layers”…walking away from perfectionism, learning the freedom to be and accept my weak and so-called ugly parts, finding being as my identity instead of my doing.

For me, creativity is energizing! I believe it is a gift from our Creator; a part of sharing in His Image. In expressing ourselves creatively, we are inspired and inspire others! While creative endeavors are valuable simply because they are an expression of the artist, I think it is important to leave an eternal footprint with whatever creative medium I am working in!