Blossom Mixed Media watercolor original


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Have you ever heard that art imitates life?

This truism is potent in the world of emotional healing through expressive art therapy!
This piece embodies my working through some perfectionism…many times I wanted to stop working, tear it up, and start anew {yes – really!}.  A technique using masking fluid wasn’t giving me the desired results, the pathway wasn’t working out, and the sky was abysmal.

When I decided to “break the rules”, an openness in creative flow occurred.
If watercolor wasn’t working, acrylics could take over in the form of clouds.
If blossoms couldn’t be randomly splattered, a more decisive application of shades of rose could.
When the area looked too formal, too dark – ink splats and more precise swirls brought a casual cohesiveness.  And the pathway?  Text from my collection of vintage foreign and English text novels brought beautiful texture and interest.

As I thought about the process, and how I was beginning to really like the results, the word “blossom” came to mind.  It was as if my creativity was unfolding just as a blossom on a tree would…confidence in the newness, the riskiness of the unknown revealing new strengths and applications.  And so I risked writing the word more boldly than I have to date on a piece of art.  The somewhat imprecise looseness of the piece makes it approachable, and yet there is unity and an inviting grace when you look at the art in its entirety.  It will be a treasure of meaning hanging on your wall!

The substrate is 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.  Signed and dated on the front.

Media used:  watercolor, acrylic, watercolor pencil, paper on cold press watercolor paper

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Dimensions 18 x 12 in