The photograph that I worked from to create this piece was taken in October 2012, at a sewing retreat that Sweet Tweener and I were at…I created the work back in 2012, but the words finally came today (June 18, 2013).  When you print arrives, a printed copy of this story (including the poem) will be included.

Created in His image.
An exact representation of God…
That is the meaning of the word “likeness“…
The Crown of Creation – all the colors, the universe, water and earth, the kingdoms of all living things, sun and moon and stars and sky – all put in place; each day rising in a glorious crescendo of color and vitality – awakening to the Presence of the Creator —
And being rebirthed, restored, renewed,
Each day when we reach forth and touch the depth of His Love —
We become His reflection once again…

by Cindy Fort, 2013

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